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We believe, the only real guarantor of progress and sustainable development in this complex is the practical proof of abilities and commitments of Panam Consulting Engineers, to produce products of quality and identity. although, these sensitivities are already affected by economic conditions , financial incentives to overcome poverty and cultural content is very pale , our goal from the beginning is to pass these restrictions and challenges, and realize the committed design and to progressSuch ideals and commitment in the projects and designs, has evoked our sensitivity and attention to the meaning and identity of form and space, and has led to a continues exploration focused in studies concerning the design. From our point of view ,entry into this field and attempt to define the theoretical foundations of each project , is a direction to architectural creativity to find the answers that resemble the identity of our Islamic and Iranian associationPractical experience and research tells us, paying attention to the conceptual characteristics of Islamic and Iranian architecture cannot be achieved by recreating the physical architecture of the past, nor with the full compliance of non-native patterns and absolute moving towards the dominant architecture movements in the world which has no common language with Iranian and Islamic identity In this regard, we are searching a way of architecture which blends formal-spatial Innovations with concepts of the past architectureAlthough the plural between invention and remembrance of familiar forms, in an architectural work , is difficult and challenging but achievable and possible.

Members of the board
    Ehsan Abbaspour
    Mahdi Fiuji
    Ahmad Mokhlesi
    Arezoo Ahadi Akhlaghi
    Nastaran Afkhami Madani

Other memebers
    Nasir Moghadas
    Alireza Arghavan
    Mahsa Abbaspour
    Narges Afkhami Madani
    Bahareh Ghaforian